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“The Unique perspective gives birth to the Unique Gift.” – Marc Gafni

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Every human being has a particular set of gifts that they can offer in the world. What are your unique gifts? The nature of the gift, like the perspective held by every human being, is utterly unique. The ability to offer this gift freely in the world depends on our ability to free ourselves of limiting and false notions of who we are, and identify with our larger service. Some of our gifts are modest, private and intimate—some are larger than life and have dramatic impact in the public sphere. However, every Unique Gift arises and may be offered in all four quadrants. From a non-dual perspective, your unique gift creates your unique obligation. In the language of one teacher of Unique Self, Man’s deed is God’s need.

God needs your service. God, in the first, second and third person, needs your service. To live your Unique Self and offer your Unique Gifts is to align yourself with the evolutionary impulse and fulfill your evolutionary obligation as a Lover.

Living as an Evolutionary Lover is the passionate path of the New Enlightenment. The way you make this path real and alive in your life is by identifying and giving your Unique Gifts. Buddhism teaches the Enlightenment of Emptiness. To do this you must dis-identify with you personality story. And this is fully half the story.

The second half of the story is the Enlightenment of Fullness. To realize the enlightenment of fullness you must fully inhabit, embody and Live Your Story.

There are four key steps in this process:

  1. Evolve beyond exclusive identification with ego
  2. Take off the mask of your particular false self
  3. Identify your Unique Gift
  4. Begin to give your Unique Gift in the world

These four steps and the practices that take you there are the path to the Enlightenment of Fullness.

What You’ll Learn

Week 1

  • Introduction to Evolution Beyond Ego
  • How do you live a life beyond ego?
  • Evolution beyond Ego as a daily life practice

Week 2

  • What is the False Self?
  • Making the False Self Conscious
  • Identifying the unique nature of your False Self Mask
  • Starting to Leave Your False Self behind

Week 3

  • How do you Identify Your Unique Gift?
  • How do you Give Your Unique Gift?
  • Changing by Shifting Where You Are

These practices are part of an emergent World Spirituality, implicitly practiced by people across the globe and are now being articulated and consciously evolved, as Spirit’s next audacious and necessary move.

In World Spirituality, we move beyond the ethnocentric traditions, embrace their best medicines, integrate then with the deepest and most powerful insights of modernity and post modernity – all set in an evolutionary context of joy and responsibility – and there you have it, the Eros and Urgency of Spirit seeking to emerge in the practices of our lives, beyond the religions, as a World Spirituality based on Integral Principles.

Join us at the leading edge – with radical humility and gentle audacity – as we catalyze the practice community of Integrity and Love that we all hope for and all need to make our lives an evolutionary triumph!