In order to create the bright future that we yearn for, we need a bold vision of the deepest and most Outrageous LOVE that will prompt us to “be and become” the greatest possible version of ourselves.

The key to our joy and personal fulfillment is to engage erotically in all areas of our lives…

Discover the Secret of Eros in Order to…

  • Experience pleasure, adventure, and freedom in your life
  • Live passionately in your life, all of your relationships, and the work you do in the world
  • Return to innocence but on a whole new level
  • Cultivate an enlightened sexuality that enhances your ability to live more powerfully in all areas of your life
  • Receive the power to live epically & be powerful in the face of challenge

Tap Into A Limitless Source of Radical Creativity. Experience More Pleasure, Adventure & Freedom in Your Life. Be Powerful and Courageous in The Face of Challenge.

Discover the Secret to Living Fearlessly and Passionately in Your Life, Relationships and the work you do in the world….

Explore how cultivating an empowered relationship to your sexuality actually enhances your ability to Live More Powerfully in All Areas of Your Life.

God Is Eros Revolutionizes Your Sexuality & Helps You Transform Pain and Suffering Into Action Taking Super Powers.

There are NO accidental or random acts of chance that happen in evolution. Right now evolution is waking up as us and through us….

Every generation participates in the evolution of consciousness and has its unique gift to give in the evolution of consciousness, which is the Evolution of Love. 

Whether you’re an activist, a healer, a parent or an entrepreneur, we’re sure you’ll agree 

that the future of our world depends on our ability to respond wisely and compassionately to the threats to life on this planet.

And there’s a high chance that you or your friends and family also agree that we have to have the greatest vision and depth of LOVE that can challenge AND inspire us to take ALL the necessary risks to “be and become” the greatest version of ourselves. Otherwise there is no bright future.

But the big question is…

How can God Is Eros give you the power to achieve the intimacy, the FULL expression, and the enlivened empowerment you want in your life and relationships…. 

…and what does that have to do with the evolution of consciousness and creating a better world?

“We live in a world of Outrageous Pain and the only response is Outrageous Love. We also live in a world of Outrageous Beauty and the only response is Outrageous Love.” – Marc Gafni

For you and I to create a future that honors, nurtures and celebrates beauty, freedom of expression and every individual life…we need a bold vision. Only the deepest and most Outrageous LOVE will challenge AND inspire us to take ALL the necessary risks to “be and become” the greatest possible version of ourselves. 

The problem is that if you are like most people, you are barely scraping the surface. 

Why is it SO hard to accomplish and create the desired outcomes in living a life of commitment and service?

It’s our ability to engage Eros in All areas of our lives that will allow you to cultivate the awareness to be strong and powerful in the face of discomfort. 

All too often shame gets in between our desires and our ability to fulfill them. Our deepest and darkest fears prevent us from expressing ourselves fully in most areas of our lives.

Busy schedules can keep you from practicing living in the moment or creating the quality time and attention needed to cultivate deep intimacy within your relationship. 

When it comes to actually playing bigger in our lives, we often get stuck or feel like we don’t have enough time or energy to make a big enough difference. Does that sound familiar?

  • Maybe it feels too vulnerable and scary to allow yourself to give or receive more Love because you’ve been hurt in the past. 
  • Perhaps you’re overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of modernity and by the impending sense of doom our planet faces.
  • Maybe you’re frustrated because you want to feel fully self expressed, received and celebrated in your personal relationships but you don’t know how.
  • Maybe you’re confused about how to take the next step or it feels too hard and overwhelming. 
  • Perhaps there never seems to be enough time to commit to doing the practices it takes to transform.

It’s frustrating to feel stuck despite the fact that you may have ‘done the work’ and transformation doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough. 

For many of us, paying the bills, raising our kids, and staying on top of our health and diet takes all our energy, time, and resources and makes it feel nearly impossible to move forward. So we fall into a cycle of dreaming of a better tomorrow instead of living fully…. 

For example, you may…

  • Feel stuck even though you’ve spent lots of time and money doing “the work”.
  • Experience things as hard and serious yet you want to feel an unlimited joy and ecstasy fueling your daily habits.
  • Get annoyed with yourself because you feel like you’re not making a big enough difference.
  • Feel unfulfilled in your personal relationships yet desire deeper connection and sustained intimacy.
  • Feel like your life is mundane and ordinary – you want your life to feel epic and extraordinary.
  • Want to heal past hurts but it feels too painful. 
  • You want to be fearless in your life and experience more passion in your relationships but it feels too overwhelming because you’re afraid it might be too much.
  • You feel stuck in your personal development and don’t know how to go to the next level in a powerful way.
  • Get overwhelmed by the demands of your everyday life.
  • Be frustrated because you’re someone who wants to play BIG but you just don’t know how.
  • Feel burdened by a quiet sense of desperation that your life is passing you by.
  • Find yourself experiencing a sense of loss or emptiness because you don’t know what you are really supposed to be doing with your life.
  • Frustrated because you don’t know how to match your gifts with the world needs.

The reason for all these issues might be that you don’t yet have full access to your own Eros and don’t know how it relates to the sexual. Really getting this relationship can turn everything around for you and your life. 

Addressing the elephant in the room…. 

The key to your joy and personal fulfillment is to engage erotically in All Areas of your life. 

Yet most of us have a disempowering framework around Eros and Sex. 

Frameworks are a set of “beliefs, understandings or knowings” within which we interpret reality. 

Unfortunately, we are confused by what Eros is or are misinformed about its purpose and relationship to sexuality. 

This interferes with our ability to cultivate intimacy in our relationships and play bigger in the most important areas of our lives.

We’ve lost our ability to access fantasy, imagination and pleasure in a powerful way because we’ve exiled it, together with other powerful features of Eros, to the sexual. The result is that we get bored, we get lazy, we carry shame about it and it keeps us small.

If we are unable to re-imagine our lives differently, we won’t be able to engage in creating a new reality of Outrageous Love in the world. We’ve got to get our creative imagination back — and the way to find it is by accessing Eros — through the sexual. 

Get Clear About These 4 Things and Start Living a Life of Deep Connection, Intimacy and Fearless Self Expression

#1 Eros is NOT Sex

When we assume that living an erotic life is solely about the sexual, it traps us in an area of our life that often gets distorted and comes with a ton of baggage and shame.

Eros is the very movement at the core of reality that moves us towards higher and higher levels of mutuality, recognition, union and embrace. Reality IS Eros.

To be erotic is to “live on the inside” and show up with fullness of presence. To be erotically alive is to participate in the yearning force of “being” and allow yourself to experience wholeness. 

Unfortunately, Eros has been exiled into the sexual. Our goal is to liberate Eros from its exile so that we awaken as Evolutionary Unique Selves and Love our way to Enlightenment. We do that by living erotically in all of the non-sexual dimensions of our lives.

#2 The Sexual Models Eros

It turns out that we have a limited view of what sex is — and it costs us our ability to experience more pleasure in All Areas of our lives. The underlying influences of morality around sexuality distorts our view and prevents us from seeing the bigger picture of how sex can help us to be better people.

We end up missing out because we allow shame to build a wedge between our desires and our ability to fulfill them — hiding or holding back in our relationships as we judge ourselves and others.

The truth is that the sexual MODELS this erotic force and CAN teach us how to LOVE the moment open. Evolution is constantly moving from the unconscious to the conscious. It is always moving and  thrusting forward, opening reality to go the next step. 

When you understand the inherent relationship that Sex has with Eros, it becomes a place of learning and holds the wisdom of everything that you could possibly want to know. It can be the platform to put into practice a higher form of consciousness and love, one that creates and engages a whole new reality for ourselves and our loved ones. 

#3 Pleasure Comes from Your Creative Transformation

Having a healthy appetite for pleasure isn’t a barrier to your spiritual growth. It’s an essential component to opening you up to higher levels of consciousness and power. Yet our framework around pleasure carries so much shame and fear that we cap our ability to allow more pleasure into our lives.

Pleasure can lead you towards living more powerfully in all areas of your life. Increasing your pleasure threshold up-levels your sense of self-value, gives you access to a deep connection to All-That-Is and moves you beyond separation to a shared and mutual enlightened experience.

#4 Love is a Perception, Not Just an Emotion 

Love at its core is not an emotion — it’s a Unique Self perception! It’s a shift from the narrow perception of your separate ego self, into having the eyes to see that you are Love in action. 

Ordinary love is an emotion. Outrageous Love is Source itself. Outrageous Love IS the initiating Eros that drives the entire evolutionary process. It invites you to play a larger game in your life by participating in the Evolution of Love as a catalytic evolutionary agent. 

To be a lover is to see with God’s eyes. To see with God’s eyes means that you see your infinite specialness. It took 13.7 billion years of radical uniqueness, to manifest the irreducibly gorgeous unique essence of you.  

When Outrageous Love begins to awaken in the field, it becomes possible to Love your Way to Enlightenment. When you are able to Love your way to Enlightenment and awaken your sexual energy to its highest form, you actually re-awaken the Divine Force that Erotically engages reality, and changes and shifts the course of destiny itself.

7 Amazing Benefits You’ll Enjoy By Participating in God Is Eros

1. A deeper sense of self-awareness and a connection to your unique purpose.

You were born with a unique set of strengths and gifts that make them perfect for a specific purpose or unique need in the world. When you awaken to your Unique Self, you realize that you are a unique incarnation of the love-intelligence and love-beauty that initiated and animates the whole cosmos. Because of that you have a unique personal obligation to commit Outrageous Acts of Love that are utterly needed by all that is and that are yours and ONLY yours to perform. Fulfilling this obligation is the greatest joy of your life and leaves no space for feeling lost, stuck or unfulfilled.

2. Transform reality and create a society in which every human being is honored, received and loved

When you align yourself with Eros, your individual expressions of intelligence, creativity and Love, bring to light what it means to wake up and respond wisely and compassionately to the threats to life and realize the greatest potential for life on this planet. In the realm of Eros, you engage in constant and spontaneous acts of giving for the sake of another person’s pleasure and joy while being completely open and available to receive the moment and love it open.

3. Discover how the sexual models Eros and is the access point for transformation

Evolution is constantly moving from the unconscious to the conscious. It is always moving and  thrusting forward, opening reality to go the next step. The sexual models this erotic force and can teach us how to LOVE the moment open even in the face of discomfort.

4. Develop a fearless sense of self expression

Our world faces sobering challenges that can ONLY BE responded to by a genuine evolution of consciousness. The only way to transform reality and create a society in which every human being is honored, received and loved is to realize that it took 13.7 billion years of evolution to create the unique expression of Your Unique Self and that you are not merely a product of your mother and father or your genes or upbringing. This creates freedom and opens you up to a wealth of possibilities and fearless creative expression.

5. Overcome loneliness

When we avoid emptiness and try to cover it up, we cut ourselves off from experiencing more pleasure, joy and aliveness in our lives. We get comfortable with the mundane and prevent ourselves from growing into more powerful versions of our greatness. The more pleasure you allow in all areas of your life — the more connected you’ll be to the people around you.

6. Activate the highest potential of your life.

Want to start living your life in a bigger context? It turns out that if you cultivate higher levels of awareness around Love you’ll be able to play a larger game as a catalytic evolutionary agent. Because Love as a perception is to choose again and again to be open-hearted not matter what challenges we might face. Despite all the pain that you have known — all the mistakes that may burden you with guilt or shame along with any sadness or regret that you may have — the more you practice loving the moment open, the less your wounds matter.

7. Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that help you solve any challenge and shine in all that you do.

Your Unique Self is the medium and essence which forms and chooses the Outrageous Acts of Love that are yours and only yours to commit. When you live from Your Unique Self you, recognize that you are God’s verb. God is Creative. Consciousness is Creative. Creativity is the essential manifest quality of the Divine. Therefore, just as God is creative so you be creative. Awakening this realization gives you access to a level of unparalleled creativity and power play full on the court of your life.

Would it be possible to Revolutionize our Sexuality and Evolve our Consciousness to Transform Pain and Suffering in The World?

What if the statement “We live in a world of outrageous pain” was no longer true, and all unnecessary suffering came to an end? 

If there was a way to access MORE support, more LOVE and MORE power to face the challenges and heal the pain that may arise in relationships and life — would you take it?

Scientists, philosophers, physicists and poets, psychologists, healers, doctors and visionaries, recognize that for the first time in the history of the human race, we are able to rise beyond the place of our birth, our religion of origin, our family circle and choose to live our highest truth. This truth transcends and includes all of our personal history as it invites us to participate in the Evolution of Love. 

Evolution is waking up, as us. We are evolution. 

The first step to alleviate the outrageous pain and all unnecessary suffering would be to participate in the Evolution of Love. It would be to realize that God is Eros and that Sex is the source of all wisdom.

What You’ll Get 

God Is Eros offers you a whole new way of seeing and experiencing your sexuality and reality at large in a bigger, better, more whole way. 

Each week you will receive a series of audio lessons, exercises and downloadable handouts, three module-specific quizzes, one final exam, and recordings of a live Q and A and coaching session.

Unlike other existing courses on Eros, this training was designed to give you an access point for all forms of success — starting with upleveling your consciousness around your sexuality.

It was specifically created to HELP you move past limiting beliefs around sexuality so that you can use it as the leverage that seeds your next level of development.

At the core of God Is Eros are 7 different forms of Sexing that evolve your consciousness that you won’t find anywhere else.

The great invitation of Eros is for humanity to close the gap between feeling and healing. When you’re able to move through the pain – NOT avoid it – but take Response-Ability and be courageous enough to love, forgive and grow from all experiences  – you then free yourself from the contraction that sustains the pain. You can love the moment open in the midst of it all. Doubt and regret no longer become options. Life becomes a limitless resource of pleasure, ecstasy, depth, and possibility. Joy is a natural byproduct of living your Unique Self.

The key is to deepen your understanding of sex sacred and explore how it mirrors, expresses, and captures a ‘new universe story — the new evolutionary story’.

The various levels of sexing eventually lead you to know pleasure intimately. Because to know pleasure is to know that you’re at home in the world, held, intensely loved and intensely pleasured in every moment by source itself. 

Source desires to pleasure you because you are a Divine child of the universe. You are God’s Unique Intimacy and were designed to engage and receive Pleasure.  As you uncover the unconscious beliefs that keep you from experiencing more pleasure in your life the more power you’ll have around your self expression. 

What really goes on when you live erotically in all areas of your life….

God is Eros gives you the tools to close the gap between feeling and healing while aligning with the consciousness to FULLY engage and participate in the Evolution of Love. This powerful 8-week online course offers you the frameworks, the perspectives and the day-to-day practices that will help you experience the “radical interconnectivity of being” as a living reality in your life. 

  • Learn to get what you want by living a full erotic life 
  • Grow beyond shame, guilt and fear to express yourself fully
  • Learn to master the skill sets to participate as a powerful co-creator in the healing that you want and yearn for in the depth of your own life 
  • Discover how a healthy relationship to sexuality gives you direct  access to Joy, Vitality and Success in every area of your life
  • Learn how to hold yourself and your loved ones in deep safety
  • Discover how EROS holds the power to enrich not just our personal existence but our whole society 

This course will change your life, liberate you from your deepest fears and help you gain direct access to gifts you didn’t know you had! It contains all of the wisdom, all of the power, all of the intelligence, all of the strategy, all of the capacity you need to live a successful, meaningful, alive, and gorgeous existence.

In this life enhancing 8-week Course, you will:

  • Dramatically expand your understanding of what sex is and feel empowered by it
  • Discover how the sexual is a place of learning and holds the wisdom of everything that you could possibly want to know 
  • Enter into the mystery of sexuality and unpack how this is related directly to Love
  • Learn how to identify yourself as a unique expression of the evolutionary impulse itself
  • Discover how sex is the core model for all wisdom, which is always a process of co-creation 
  • Learn how to kindle the experience of Evolutionary Love within yourself
  • Find the acts of Evolutionary Love that are yours to commit
  • Explore how to navigate the risks and wounds of love
  • Evolve into higher and higher levels of freedom and fullness
  • Find out what Love and Eros really mean
  • Discover how the sexual models, but doesn’t exhaust the Erotic
  • Learn how to live an erotic life in every area of being

What You’ll Learn….

Lesson 1 God is Eros and Eros is LOVE

You are an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence and love-beauty — the animating Eros of all of reality — living in you, as you and through you. That means that you’ve been given the role of being God’s Unique Intimacy and assigned the task to “Love the moment OPEN.” The only way to transform reality and create a society in which every human being is honored, received and loved is to engage Eros and live erotically in every area of your life.  

One of the ways to practice is through the sexual. 

In this session, you will:

  • Explore how Eros is the core of All reality and contains all wisdom, all knowing and the key to enlightenment
  • Discover how the sexual models Eros and is the access point for transformation
  • Learn how engaging in sex at the highest level opens heaven up to you
  • Explore how sex IS ethics  
  • Learn that Love at its core is not an emotion — it’s a Unique Self perception
  • Shift from the narrow perception of your separate ego self, into having the eyes to see that you are Love in action
  • Learn what it means to live in an intimate universe as God’s Unique Intimacy 
  • Find out how we have lost our sexual imagination and why it is critical to reclaim it and participate in the Evolution of Love 
  • Build the momentum to meet the world from the deepest place of compassion and integrity

Lesson 2 Sex is the source of all wisdom

Beyond sex negative, sex positive, sex neutral, or sex as the source of procreation, sex is an expression of Eros which IS the essence of reality.  Eros is expressed not only in a personal story between lovers, but is also an impersonal pulsating erotic force, that moves through all of reality at every second. When you actually awaken to this level of consciousness, all shame around your sexuality disappears! 

In this session, you will:

  • Explore evolution and how “the un-manifest” became “manifest” right through the erotic impulse
  • Learn about Vital Sexing; the merging of Shiva and Shakti as Evolutionary Love
  • Discover two kinds of seduction; unholy seduction and Holy Seduction
  • Learn how Holy Seduction leads you towards and aligns you with your Greatness
  • Experience Vital Sexing as the experience of evolutionary eros — the movement of evolution itself
  • Reframe a new story of sacred sex beyond procreation 
  • Explore the differences between Vital Sexing and its shadow form 

Lesson 3 The opposite of pleasure is comfort; Not pain

Loneliness can be one of the hardest feelings to hold. Most people spend their whole lives trying  to avoid feeling lonely and empty. Instead of creating connection and intimacy in their sexuality, they use sex as a way to cover over the emptiness in the moment; resulting in empty arousal in the bedroom AND in their life’s purpose. 

In this session, you will:

  • Learn why the opposite of pleasure is comfort and NOT pain
  • Discover Personality Sexing and how we use it to cover up our emptiness
  • Explore the relationship between sex and your personal story
  • Learn how to recognize when you are in personality sexing and how it is the illusion of being on the inside
  • Learn that personality sexing is not bad; it’s unconscious
  • Experience a powerful practice that brings you into the moment 
  • Transform Personality Sexing into a holy prayer for the healing of your wounds 
  • Explore the four principles of Tantra 

Lesson 4 Outrageous Love is not ordinary love

Ordinary love is an emotion. Outrageous Love is Source itself. Outrageous Love IS the initiating Eros that drives the entire evolutionary process. It invites you to play a larger game in your life by participating in the Evolution of Love as a catalytic evolutionary agent.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn that ordinary love is actually a strategy of the ego
  • Cultivate higher levels of awareness around Love and sexuality so to start living your life in a bigger context
  • Learn the important differences between ordinary love and Outrageous Love and how to cultivate more Outrageous Love in your life
  • Explore how Outrageous Love never repeats itself and always creates something new 
  • Discover how your deed is God’s need
  • Learn how the sexual can teach you how to become an Outrageous Lover and participate in the Evolution of Love
  • Explore the cycles of creation: Love before Creation and Love after creation
  • Experience Love as source itself, awakening as you
  • Discover the quality of Healing Sexing — when the Divine Mother gathers you in her arms and holds you and all your wounds can be held, nurtured and loved unconditionally 
  • Explore the shadow or the unconscious form of Healing Sexing
  • Experience a profound practice of silence
  • Learn how to access the sweetness of power by using submission and domination as a meditation practice

Lesson 5 The Universe is madly in love with you 

To know pleasure is to know you’re at home in the world, held, intensely loved and intensely pleasured in every moment by source itself. Source desires to pleasure you because you are a Divine child of the universe. You are God’s Unique Intimacy and were designed to engage and receive Pleasure. 

In this session, you will:

  • Learn that conscious pleasure is a portal to eternity and a gateway to God
  • Explore how the cosmos desires your pleasure
  • Discover through Pleasure Sexing how to experience your goodness and worth affirmed and held by God/ Reality
  • Explore how Pleasure Sexing takes you beyond ego and allows you to surrender to the larger power of source that pleasures you open in every moment
  • Uncover the unconscious beliefs that keep you from experiencing more pleasure in your life 
  • Learn how to heal the shame or feelings of undeservability around pleasure  
  • Experience how Pleasure expands you — not contracts you

Lesson 6 Prayer affirms the dignity of your personal need

The Divinity of All-That-Is holds you and knows your name. It cares about you, infinitely, and desires your pleasure and the fulfillment of your personal needs. The Infinity of Intimacy that holds you and knows your name yearns for you and wants you to ask for everything.

In this session, you will:

  • Experience how prayer affirms the dignity of your personal need 
  • Ask for your needs and have them received by God/ reality
  • Recognize that you are God’s verb and that you have a sacred obligation to fulfill the outrageous acts of love that no one else in the world can commit 
  • Experience Love as the strongest force in the universe 
  • Discover what it means to be sane — truly sane
  • Experience LOVE as super power to meet the world from the deepest place of compassion and integrity 
  • Explore Mystical Sexing; where in every moment you are radically seen, radically recognized, radically desired —  individually, uniquely and personally
  • Learn how accessing ultimate pleasure can transform you from Separate Self to True Self and how that transforms all of reality with it

Lesson 7 Uniqueness is not separateness

In Unique Self sexing you completely merge, meet, and receive the other. Then something magical happens. You both liberate each other from loneliness for the first time. You realize that GOD and your partner are really the same. 

In this session, you will:

  • Discover how Unique Self is the Currency of Connection
  • Learn what it means to be liberated from loneliness and how Unique Self Sexing is key to liberation
  • Explore how uniqueness creates connection and harmony 
  • Discover sacred texts hidden in public places and how to see them for your own evolution
  • Explore Outrageous Erotic Love Letters as Mystical testimonies 
  • Access and “own” your specialness on the level of Unique Self 
  • Discover how Unique Self Enlightenment is the return to innocence — not to first innocence; to Second Innocence

Lesson 8 We are Evolution 

You are ‘evolution awakened to itself’ and the energetic erotic driver that drives evolution forward is your Unique Creativity. It’s through your ability to create, show up, and share Unique Intimacy with the world in a way in which it’s never been shared before, that evolution will move forward.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore how Eros drives evolution and creates higher and higher levels of mutuality, recognition, union and embrace 
  • Learn that if you don’t share your Unique Love-Intelligence with the world, then there will be a huge corner of the world that is unloved
  • Discover why as long as you use your wounds to create your identity, you can never be an Outrageous Lover 
  • Learn when you begin to step up and play a larger game your wounds matter less
  • Discover what Evolutionary We-space means and why the deepest gifts can only be given by the Sangha
  • Explore the power of Bodhisattva sexing as evolutionary sexing; meaning you’re sexing for the sake of the evolutionary process
  • Say your evolutionary YES and experience reality YESing with you

Exclusive God Is Eros Course Bonuses

BONUS #1 Unique Self & Love Audio 

Imagine having a heightened experience of yourself where you felt wildly creative, purposeful and delighted with how you are showing up in life EVERYDAY. In this 10 session audio course, you’ll discover what it means to live as Your Unique Self. Dr. Marc Gafni will transmit to you a method that gives you access to a visceral experience that gives you direct access to your radical aliveness, joy and purpose. Opening you to the full spectrum of your potential, creativity and power through Your Unique Self.

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Get your FREE copy of the book Self in Integral Evolutionary Mysticism. Award-winning author Marc Gafni, articulates the two models of Self so you can truly realize your Unique Self and SHINE your power into the lives of the people you care about

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What People Are Saying About Self

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“This book shines with radiant luminosity and spiritual depth.” – Paul R. Smith Author, Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve

“Compelling, original and powerfully helpful to anyone seeking to understand the relationship between the different aspects of self, enlightenment and God. It has, in many ways, changed the Integral conversation on what it means to be an enlightened self. This brilliant new book goes the next step in exploring the implications of Unique Self. I highly recommend it to any serious student of enlightenment and transformation.” – Sally Kempton Author, Meditation for the Love of It

BONUS #3 Integral Spiritual Experience 2: One Love & the Four Faces of Eros

In this stunning keynote delivery, Dr. Gafni talks about the relationship between the sexual and the erotic as a way of entering into a new unfolding chapter about Integral evolutionary sexuality, love and Eros. You’ll learn how to kindle the experience of Evolutionary Love within yourself

and evolve into higher and higher levels of freedom and fullness.

Valued $27

Plus Get Recognition for The Skills You Learn Anywhere

Step 1: Take the Course

God is Eros course is 8 weeks of video lessons plus downloadable handouts, eight module-specific quizzes and one final exam. 

You’ll receive:

  • 90-minutes wisdom sessions on the core principles of that week’s God is Eros teaching
  • Life practices to help you internalize the insights from each principle of the course
  • Supplemental audio recordings and guided meditations to help actualize the insights in your life
  • Exercises to help you make measurable progress toward your goals
  • Recordings of a live Q and A and coaching sessions

The course level is intermediate/advanced and will give you all of the tools to understand the true relationship between Eros and sexuality and how this sacred relationship can be the source of power and healing.

Step 2: Pass the Test

At the end of each core module you will take a brief quiz to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that module. Once you have completed each quiz for each module, you will then take a final exam and upon successful completion you will have earned your full color digital certificate that is printable and suitable for framing should you wish to display your achievement at your home or office.

Our exams aren’t “tricky,” but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass. A passing grade is 75, and you can retake the test twice (for a max total of 3 attempts). If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again.

The exams are untimed and consist of true or false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam. Ideally the exam should be taken in one sitting, however, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

Step 3: Display Your Badge

Upon successful completion of the course and exams, you will receive a personalized badge and certificate. 

Our badges stand out and reflect excellence. So your accomplishment can be displayed in all the places that matter, including: your website, email signature, job placement sites, community portals, WordPress blogs, Twitter status updates and your LinkedIn profile.

About Dr. Marc Gafni 

World renowned author, thought leader and social innovator, Dr. Marc Gafni, has been on a 35 – year investigation into all of the world’s great wisdom traditions. What has emerged are the limitations of Classical Enlightenment teaching and a bold new evolutionary vision of Unique Self Enlightenment. 

He’s created a complete system of the most powerful spiritual tools, practices, teachings and techniques distilled into easy to implement, integral and evolutionary framework of eastern and western mystery traditions. 

Together with Ken Wilber, Integral Philosopher and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, he is the president of the Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think tank dedicated to evolving and articulating a shared global framework of meaning and responsibility. Marc is the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self Enlightenment and Evolutionary Love. He has been called a master of the heart and a trailblazing visionary in opening up new possibilities for Conscious Evolution, Unique Self realization and a politics of Outrageous Love.

Are you ready to achieve the Intimacy, the FULL expression, and the Enlivened Empowerment You Want in Your Life and Relationships?

God Is Eros 8-week Course starts as soon as you register.

When you decide to take this journey, and make this shift, you’re saying YES to a whole new possibility….

You’re saying YES to Life…

YES to having free-flowing inspiration and creativity to solve any challenge and shine in all that you do.

YES to having deeper connection with the people around you.

YES to having a fearless sense of self expression.

YES to experiencing a profound mind-body connection that empowers you to create healthier habits.

YES to cultivating the power and courage to Love in the face of pain.

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The more you create, show up, and share Unique Intimacy with the world in a way in which it’s never been shared before, evolution will move forward.

God is Eros is your opportunity to become a part of a conscious global community with others who are exploring what it means to co-create a new cultural movement that brings an awakened, heart-centered intelligence to the challenges we are facing in our rapidly evolving world through world service and lived purpose.

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John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s teaching on the Unique Self radically evolves the way we understanding and realize enlightenment. He is a great teacher of both heart and mind. His depth, practicality and heartfelt charisma will change your life.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: Marc Gafni is a rising star attracting us toward a future of outrageous love, creativity, wisdom and pleasure as our Unique Selves. He is paving the way for a new psychology and spirituality for evolving humanity to fulfill our enormous potential. He has incorporated the 13.8 billion year Evolutionary Impulse of Creation directly in the heart of humanity as our motivation to love, to grow to become our Unique Selves, the future human. It is a joy to work with Marc. He combines kindness, humor, great erudition and a passionate desire to draw us together in a movement for positive self and social actualization. He is inspiring us to change the “source code of success” as winning over one another, to the new source code of co-creating and co-evolving with one another for the good, the true and the beautiful. He radiates the joy of “joining genius to co-create.”


Kristen Ulmer, World-renowned Top Ranked Professional Extreme Skier and Sports Coach: “I’ve never met anyone so talented at what he does and passionate for his work as Marc Gafni. He is simply spellbinding. He awakens people’s grasp the ungraspable better than any spiritual teacher I’ve ever known. He is a true artist. A creative genius. To not experience his transmission as a teacher in this lifetime, whether in person or through his writings, would be a tragedy.”


Ken Wilber, Author of A Brief History of Everything: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s integral unique self teaching is seminal. The Unique Self work is magnificent, and it belongs among the ‘great books.’ It offers what may arguably be one of the most significant contemporary evolutions of enlightenment teaching. Unique Self brings together East and West in a higher integral embrace of stunning implications. Unique Self is a pivotal step toward an authentic Enlightenment.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential: “With exceptional brilliance and an awakened heart, Dr. Marc Gafni speaks to all of us who are interested in the evolution of consciousness. His teachings on the Unique Self enlightenment are essential for the next stage in our evolution. They have emerged from his direct experience, and I highly recommend them.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


“Medicine is suffering a broken heart. To make it whole, we need to co-create and implement leveraged actions on the front lines of community practice that entail win-win, conscious solutions for all — our community, employers, physicians, and other healthcare providers. The result will be no less than the grand unfolding of a new, integrated future of health and well-being. In solidarity with my brother Venu, Unique Self has called us to help enact this mission.”


Retrospectively, I realize I have been thinking about “Unique Self” for a lifetime. Early on, I began to consider connection & estrangement, and, as subcategories: identity, interiority and both the inevitability & elusiveness of intimacy. Subsequently, these areas coalesced into the psychological, the spiritual and the systemic. When I became a therapist, almost 27 years ago, initially, my professional focus was relational & sex therapy– restoring connection. Organically, this focus began to enlarge to require confronting and understanding the impact of trauma, loss and ruptures in, or blocks to, attachment. Subsequently, I have been learning, teaching in the U.S. & abroad, writing book chapters & journal articles and creating multiple therapeutic programs in the fields of sex & marital therapy, trauma, addiction & eating disorders. Fortunately, every teacher, client, colleague, & audience instructs –every single day. When I met Dr. Marc Gafni and read Soulprints; The Mystery of Love, and then, Your Unique Self, I recognized something in quintessential and elemental alignment. I have since embarked on a project to distill and integrate Marc’s profound and revelatory teaching with my own intersecting thoughts, conceptual frames & modalities. The unfolding creation is called Unique Self Recovery. It’s aim is to synthesize and harness vital transformational elements and present them in a clear, potent & accessible manner that can catalyze and promote growth, healing and authentic embrace of self and other.

Lori Galperin, MSW

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