Taste the possibility of an Enlightened society, a New Story for a New Humanity, a shared vision that fills you with Desire, Power and Purpose to create ‘the more beautiful world we know is possible.’

A deep dive evolutionary journey to claim your superpower of Your Deepest Hearts Desire and ACTUALIZE “Homo amor: the fulfilment of Homo sapiens”, inside YOU!

What happens when you access your deepest heart’s desire and become Homo amor: the fulfilment of Homo sapiens?


  • No longer feel frustrated about the inability to make sense of this confusing world.
  • Feel all confusion, powerlessness, worries, and unworthiness melt away, as you claim your identity as a co-creator of the New Story: A New Human and a New Humanity.
  • Deeply understand the existential risks we are facing today, and what YOU can do about it.
  • Step into a powerful life filled with radical aliveness, hope and joy.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by the Outrageous Pain in the world, as you discover your Unique contribution in Unique Self Symphony.
  • Experience the relief of having a clear vision for the future of humanity and your powerful role in creating it!
  • Never feel lonely again as you join genius with other powerful co-creators in Unique Self Symphony!

So You Can…

  • Experience Intimacy and Desire in wild abundance!
  • Feel the creative Power of your Deepest Hearts Desire
  • Wake up every day knowing your life is meaningful
  • Participate in Global Change to end suffering for all
  • Be filled with Radical Aliveness & Joy every day
  • Feel deeply connected and at Home in the world
  • Have a clear vision and understanding of the current state the world is in and how together we can ensure the future of humanity.
  • Have a deep knowing that your life is meaningful, that you are needed by Reality, and that you are an irreducible player in the field!
  • Connect to the freedom of endless possibility in your life!

*The painting used for the course graphics of the online course Our First Steps as “Homo Amor” is Perception by Kohlene Hendrickson.

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John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s teaching on the Unique Self radically evolves the way we understanding and realize enlightenment. He is a great teacher of both heart and mind. His depth, practicality and heartfelt charisma will change your life.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: Marc Gafni is a rising star attracting us toward a future of outrageous love, creativity, wisdom and pleasure as our Unique Selves. He is paving the way for a new psychology and spirituality for evolving humanity to fulfill our enormous potential. He has incorporated the 13.8 billion year Evolutionary Impulse of Creation directly in the heart of humanity as our motivation to love, to grow to become our Unique Selves, the future human. It is a joy to work with Marc. He combines kindness, humor, great erudition and a passionate desire to draw us together in a movement for positive self and social actualization. He is inspiring us to change the “source code of success” as winning over one another, to the new source code of co-creating and co-evolving with one another for the good, the true and the beautiful. He radiates the joy of “joining genius to co-create.”


Kristen Ulmer, World-renowned Top Ranked Professional Extreme Skier and Sports Coach: “I’ve never met anyone so talented at what he does and passionate for his work as Marc Gafni. He is simply spellbinding. He awakens people’s grasp the ungraspable better than any spiritual teacher I’ve ever known. He is a true artist. A creative genius. To not experience his transmission as a teacher in this lifetime, whether in person or through his writings, would be a tragedy.”


Ken Wilber, Author of A Brief History of Everything: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s integral unique self teaching is seminal. The Unique Self work is magnificent, and it belongs among the ‘great books.’ It offers what may arguably be one of the most significant contemporary evolutions of enlightenment teaching. Unique Self brings together East and West in a higher integral embrace of stunning implications. Unique Self is a pivotal step toward an authentic Enlightenment.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential: “With exceptional brilliance and an awakened heart, Dr. Marc Gafni speaks to all of us who are interested in the evolution of consciousness. His teachings on the Unique Self enlightenment are essential for the next stage in our evolution. They have emerged from his direct experience, and I highly recommend them.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


“Medicine is suffering a broken heart. To make it whole, we need to co-create and implement leveraged actions on the front lines of community practice that entail win-win, conscious solutions for all — our community, employers, physicians, and other healthcare providers. The result will be no less than the grand unfolding of a new, integrated future of health and well-being. In solidarity with my brother Venu, Unique Self has called us to help enact this mission.”


Retrospectively, I realize I have been thinking about “Unique Self” for a lifetime. Early on, I began to consider connection & estrangement, and, as subcategories: identity, interiority and both the inevitability & elusiveness of intimacy. Subsequently, these areas coalesced into the psychological, the spiritual and the systemic. When I became a therapist, almost 27 years ago, initially, my professional focus was relational & sex therapy– restoring connection. Organically, this focus began to enlarge to require confronting and understanding the impact of trauma, loss and ruptures in, or blocks to, attachment. Subsequently, I have been learning, teaching in the U.S. & abroad, writing book chapters & journal articles and creating multiple therapeutic programs in the fields of sex & marital therapy, trauma, addiction & eating disorders. Fortunately, every teacher, client, colleague, & audience instructs –every single day. When I met Dr. Marc Gafni and read Soulprints; The Mystery of Love, and then, Your Unique Self, I recognized something in quintessential and elemental alignment. I have since embarked on a project to distill and integrate Marc’s profound and revelatory teaching with my own intersecting thoughts, conceptual frames & modalities. The unfolding creation is called Unique Self Recovery. It’s aim is to synthesize and harness vital transformational elements and present them in a clear, potent & accessible manner that can catalyze and promote growth, healing and authentic embrace of self and other.

Lori Galperin, MSW

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