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When looking at the state of the world today, if your head is not in the sand, you feel a sense of urgency.

There is outrageous beauty and goodness. But there is also outrageous pain. But not of the ordinary kind. There is the pain of dislocation as we enter a phase shift in human history where all of the old narratives of identity are collapsing. In this 11th hour, as we are poised between utopia and dystopia, we have no authentic sense of who we are and what is our personal place in this pivotal moment in human history.

The old stories cannot hold us. But there are no new stories – rooted in genuine wisdom – that are emerging to guide us.

But You know there is something for you to do. And yet, what is it? You often feel powerless in the face of our global challenges. You cannot quite figure out what is yours to do and what is not. There is a gap between your ability to feel the pain and your ability to heal the pain. And in that gap you close your heart.

Maybe, you go about your business, you handle what you can, but your heart is fundamentally closed. And since you have only one heart, you cannot close only parts of your heart. Your closed heart leaks destructively throughout your life and loves.

Alternatively, you exhaust yourself by running from activity to meeting to the next book trying to figure out how to save the planet. Your heart is open but confused and adrift without anchors or a genuine sense of alignment with a coherent vision. So you make no real headway. Your parents and quite a few friends think you are a bit…off. You are lonely. You feel as if the weight of the planet rests on your shoulders. But you have no plan that makes any sense.

You realize that doing business as usual cannot be the solution to these problems. And yet all the spiritual and political solutions are so clearly inadequate. Neither science, nor the Human Potential movement, nor the great traditions – neither capitalism, nor communism, nor any of the other political systems – are equipped to respond effectively to the current crisis.

But you cannot settle your unrest. It feels to you – although you may not quite name it that way – like divine unrest.

You want to play a larger game! You want to participate in the big moves that need to be made now. You want to take your seat at the table of history. But you have not quite received an invitation to the table. Or have you? 

You feel like being a Homo sapiens, in the old falsely contrived sense of brutal competition to survive, is not who you are at the very core of your being. 

Strange as it sounds, you feel like reality is directly and even intimately addressing you. 

You have an intuition that what you do really matters. You understand that you are not average. You intuit, although you may not quite say it that way, that perhaps you are at the leading edge of evolution. You feel like your story is personally implicated in the larger evolutionary story. And when your therapist tells you this is grandiosity and your nondual teacher tells you this is the delusion of ego, it does not sit right with you.

You feel that somehow your transformation needs to serve as a strange attractor. Your vision feels like a “memory of the future”. Your entire life feels like what systems theory calls a minor fluctuation point that can jump the entire system to an entirely new level of elegant and intimate order.

If any of this even vaguely resonates with you, then Congratulations. You have stumbled into the right group of people. You are the right person in the right place at the right time. We prepared this course for YOU! 

*An online course produced by Eric Creemers (Camera, Editing) and Kerstin Zohar Tuschik (Executive Producer). The course was recorded live at the Summer Festival of Love 2018 in Holland.

**The painting used for the course graphics of the online course Our First Steps as “Homo Amor” is Soul Tangle by Erica Wexler.

We are at a pivotal moment – in the 11th hour poised between dystopia and utopia – between the capacity to create heaven on earth or unleash, especially for the most vulnerable two billion people on the planet, a hell of suffering and death. We are at a tipping point, where our next steps can either usher in heaven on earth or all hell break loose.

We are faced with global challenges at an existential level – threats to our very existence. Global challenges can only be met with concerted global action. But we suffer a global action paralysis or rampant global action confusion. The global action paralysis is rooted not merely in political struggle but in something far more fundamental.

Our global action paralysis is rooted in a global intimacy disorder. Therefore, in order to move towards collective mutual action that can take us to the next level, we need to heal the global intimacy disorder that is at the root of our crisis.

Intimacy disorders – personal and collective – are always rooted in one root cause: living in different stories of reality. Intimacy disorders are only healed when partners, beloveds, parents and children, or tribes and societies, experience themselves as living in a shared story, with a shared vision and values. Whenever there is alienation, it is because there is a breakdown in our own story.

The purpose of this offering is to locate you in the most accurate, good, true, and beautiful story of the universe and your personal life that is available at this moment in time. This is the great eternal, evolutionary story of cosmo-erotic humanism in which you are personally implicated. This is the most urgent question of your identity.

Who Are You? The truth of your identity is that you are Homo Amor. As such, your personal love story is implicated in the evolutionary story. But for REAL.

This course is about YOUR transfiguration into Homo Amor, a term we use to describe the new human and the new humanity, that is the evolutionary fulfillment of Homo Sapiens. 

In this program, Dr. Marc Gafni will take you deep into a new vision that understands the progressive deepening of intimacies as the core evolutionary driver. You will begin to birth the new human in your own being. This is a personal invitation. Your response to this invitation may well be pivotal in activating Homo Amor.

Welcome to this extraordinary journey that will show you the way to activate your identity as Homo Amor. 

In this transformation, you literally participate in the evolution of intimacy, which is itself an expression of the evolution of love. This offering is a pivoting point, the grail quest – WHERE YOUR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION  MEETS WORLD TRANSFORMATION. And when we say your personal transformation, we mean yours and mine and all of ours. We are in this together.

We are in a crisis of intimacy. 
We live in a global context with global problems, yet, we have lost our sense of belongingness. As isolated separate selves, we feel powerless in the face of these global problems. There is no global ethic for our global civilization. So we cannot locate our ethos. Yet our ethos flows from our Eros. And our Eros only flows from the depth of a shared story of reality in which we can locate ourselves in the larger order of things. There is not one single decision you make that is not directly related to your – largely unconscious – Universe Story.

We lack a shared universe story. We lack a shared and accurate and authentic story of identity. We literally have no idea how to answer the question of “Who Am I?” – For an authentic story of identity can only flow from an authentic and accurate universe story. Without a coherent shared narrative, we cannot act coherently to respond to the existential risk that lies at the core of our global crisis. Only a shared narrative activates our capacity to solve these global issues.

In our current crisis, we are either left with all the mutually exclusive, chauvinistic, pre-modern and modern narratives, with no true shared story at all, or with dystopian narratives à la Hunger Games, Blade Runner, or our colleague’s Yuval Harari’s nihilistic Homo Deus.

We desperately need a new Universe Story from which we can extrapolate a new vision of intimacy, power, sexuality, and identity.

We need a “memory of the future” of the emergence of what Dr. Marc has termed “Homo Amor.” 

Homo Amor is our name for the post-postmodern – Integral – metamodern – next stage emergence that is the urgent invitation and need of this very moment in time. As one passage says in Hebrew mysticism, “Just in time for a time like this.”

In this course, Marc Gafni takes you on a tour from pre-modernity through modernity to the crisis of postmodernity and beyond. You will discover what it means that “we live in an intimate universe and that the intimate universe awakens in us.”

In taking this course, you will be making a fierce and substantial commitment to your own significance. For the next seven weeks, you’ll be learning in multiple ways, how your own transformation can participate directly in the evolution of intimacy, which itself is an expression of the evolution of love.

The “Homo Amor” course will give you direct access to some of the most significant teachings and tools available today. These tools will activate your capacity to bloom while awakening to the new species that we call Homo Amor, the evolutionary fulfillment of Homo Sapiens. You will begin to awaken as the “unique configuration of intimacy” that is you, to learn a new way of being intimate with your loved ones and with the world!

Together we will evolve what it means to be a human being today. 

You will start to live a life that matters on an entirely different level, not just for yourself but for the sake of the greater reality that yearns for, even desperately needs your unique gifts. In Homo Amor, Personal Transformation and World Transformation becomes indistinguishable. You will become the heroic figure that reality intended you to be. You will begin to access in your body the meaning of the mystical epigram: Reality Needs Your Service.

Throughout the course, it will gradually become self-evident to you that the label Homo Sapiens does not exhaust your identity! You will begin to understand in your depths that You Are Evolution. Evolution is waking up AS you in person. You ARE Homo Amor.

Homo Amor is being born in you. You are taking your first steps as Homo Amor. 

“Our crisis is a birth,” Marc’s dear Whole Mate partner Barbara Marx Hubbard reminds us – both on a collective, global level, but also in our own personal lives. And Marc always responds to Barbara by adding: “And every crisis is a crisis of Intimacy.”

Emboldened by this insight, you will in this journey – if you are willing – walk through a False Core Process, discover what has been the hidden structure of your False Self, transcend your False Self into True Self, and access a first glimpse of your Unique Self – your personal expression of True Self – and ultimately of your Evolutionary Unique Self – the full expression of Homo Amor.

Homo Amor Is the Key

The greatest two questions a person can ever ask are:
Who am I? 
Who are we?
The answer is a Memory of Our Future.
The answer is Homo Amor.
Along the way we will catch glimpses of unconscious but potent True Self & Unique Self revelations already in play in public culture – hidden in popular cinema, art, and song.

From Joining Genes to Joining Genius – From #MeToo to #WeToo

Throughout the course, you will – if you are willing – receive direct access to the dance of intimacy and Eros that is at the core of your life. This will begin to respond directly to the crisis that is the underlying core of the current #MeToo movement.

We will show that both #Metoo in its important contributions as well as its very real shadows is related to a lack of a sexual narrative that meets our sexual experience. We will identify and share the four core narratives of sexing that live in culture today and show why each are  desperately insufficient to meet our sexual experience.
We will introduce a new sexual narrative – Sex Erotic. In this narrative, we will understand what it might mean to say that, as Marc puts it, “Sex is cosmic Eros performed in the flesh.”

You will get access to 

    • What we mean in the dharma when we say, “The Sexual models the Erotic, it does not exhaust the Erotic.”
    • The truth that sexuality reveals itself (again) as our teacher for living the erotic life.
    • A realization of how sexing in its full expression heals the core humiliation we all have experienced at getting our basic needs met.

In sexuality, we get in our bodies – for the first time – that “Your need is my allurement.” And “my need is your allurement.” We then up-level that realization from Sex to Eros. And then within the realm of Eros, we trace the evolution of love – through the evolution of meaning we give to this phrase “Your Needs is My Allurement” – as these words deepen and widen – evolving up with us from egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric, to cosmocentric intimacy. All of this will be at the center of our journey of realization.

In our journey, we will reclaim touch as a basic human right and need. 

In an entirely different mode, we realize again that crisis is an evolutionary driver and that all crisis is a crisis of intimacy – as we engage our current gender crisis, which is a crisis of intimacy both internally and intersubjectively, between us all. We will see that the transgender movement asks important questions but gives woefully inadequate answers to say the least. We will move from our current gender crisis to the emergence of what Marc terms “unique gender” which has a physical correlate in what leading edge research calls the Intersex brain.

As Homo Amor, which is an expression of unique gender, we begin to move from joining genes to joining genius and from #MeToo to #WeToo.

In a very moving session, you will get a direct transmission from Marc of what we have called the personal face of infinity or simply God. In this session, we invite God to the party. We  understand that the God you don’t believe in doesn’t exist.
We gain direct access to the realization that, in Marc’s words, “God is not only the Infinity of Power but also the Infinity of Intimacy that knows our name and says to each of us in every moment – whispering in our ear: Your Need Is My Allurement!”

We move from joining genes to joining genius and start to create what Marc calls “a Unique Self (Jazz) Symphony.” A new evolutionary we-space emerges. A new we-space is a new quality of intimacy which in effect is a new God. All of this is what it means to directly participate in the Evolution of God to reclaim God at a higher or deeper level of consciousness.

In order to fully participate in the Unique Self Symphony, we each need to take our Unique Risk. You will witness others sharing their Unique Risk and fully claim your own.

You clarify what Marc and Barbara have referred to as “your deepest heart’s desire”, you start to take courageous steps into your own personal and collective future, and with full powerful heart, body, and mind, you take your seat at the table, directly participating in the Conscious Evolution of Planet Earth.

Price: $297 (or 3 installments of $117)

Our First Steps as “Homo Amor” in Seven Levels

Level 1: The Intimate Universe Awakens & Between Heaven and Hell
Level 2: The Dance of Intimacy and Desire & How Do We Know What We Know
Level 3: From False Self to True Self & Our Crisis Is a Birth
Level 4: Who Am I? & Infinity Loves Finitude
Level 5: Healing Shame & Your Need Is My Allurement
Level 6: Unique Gender & God = The Infinity of Intimacy
Level 7: Evolutionary We-Space & Taking My Unique Risk

Each level consists of the main teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni that was recorded on one of seven days during the Summer Festival of Love in Holland 2018. It contains dharma talks, practices, prayers, chants, movie clips, songs, poems, and dance sessions – seamlessly woven into one whole. It is kind of like being at a Mozart concerto played on that day – in those hours – unrehearsed and raw – never to be played in that way ever again but recorded for you in this course journey which is reality’s gift for you.

At the end of each daily teaching session, Dr. Marc came together with the film crew and recorded what we call Deeper Dives. The deeper dive video clips recapitulate the teaching of that level – but in super precise form – while often adding new material.

At the Festival aka Mystery School of Love, each level was taught in one day – surrounded by workshops, practice sessions, and time for integration. The online course can be taken in your own time, yet, we gently suggest from our own experience that you take about one week per level in order to stay in the flow of the course.

Each level also comes with a transcript in pdf-format for you to download, so you can read along if you find that helpful, or go back to certain pieces.

We have also added one practice per level that can be done from your own home with just a piece of paper, notebook, or journal in front of you. Most of the times, these practices are included as special slides in the video clips, but we also offer them as pdf’s to download.

If you need our support, write to us as support@centerforintegralwisdom.org.

Price: $297 (or 3 installments of $117)

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John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s teaching on the Unique Self radically evolves the way we understanding and realize enlightenment. He is a great teacher of both heart and mind. His depth, practicality and heartfelt charisma will change your life.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: Marc Gafni is a rising star attracting us toward a future of outrageous love, creativity, wisdom and pleasure as our Unique Selves. He is paving the way for a new psychology and spirituality for evolving humanity to fulfill our enormous potential. He has incorporated the 13.8 billion year Evolutionary Impulse of Creation directly in the heart of humanity as our motivation to love, to grow to become our Unique Selves, the future human. It is a joy to work with Marc. He combines kindness, humor, great erudition and a passionate desire to draw us together in a movement for positive self and social actualization. He is inspiring us to change the “source code of success” as winning over one another, to the new source code of co-creating and co-evolving with one another for the good, the true and the beautiful. He radiates the joy of “joining genius to co-create.”


Kristen Ulmer, World-renowned Top Ranked Professional Extreme Skier and Sports Coach: “I’ve never met anyone so talented at what he does and passionate for his work as Marc Gafni. He is simply spellbinding. He awakens people’s grasp the ungraspable better than any spiritual teacher I’ve ever known. He is a true artist. A creative genius. To not experience his transmission as a teacher in this lifetime, whether in person or through his writings, would be a tragedy.”


Ken Wilber, Author of A Brief History of Everything: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s integral unique self teaching is seminal. The Unique Self work is magnificent, and it belongs among the ‘great books.’ It offers what may arguably be one of the most significant contemporary evolutions of enlightenment teaching. Unique Self brings together East and West in a higher integral embrace of stunning implications. Unique Self is a pivotal step toward an authentic Enlightenment.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential: “With exceptional brilliance and an awakened heart, Dr. Marc Gafni speaks to all of us who are interested in the evolution of consciousness. His teachings on the Unique Self enlightenment are essential for the next stage in our evolution. They have emerged from his direct experience, and I highly recommend them.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


“Medicine is suffering a broken heart. To make it whole, we need to co-create and implement leveraged actions on the front lines of community practice that entail win-win, conscious solutions for all — our community, employers, physicians, and other healthcare providers. The result will be no less than the grand unfolding of a new, integrated future of health and well-being. In solidarity with my brother Venu, Unique Self has called us to help enact this mission.”


Retrospectively, I realize I have been thinking about “Unique Self” for a lifetime. Early on, I began to consider connection & estrangement, and, as subcategories: identity, interiority and both the inevitability & elusiveness of intimacy. Subsequently, these areas coalesced into the psychological, the spiritual and the systemic. When I became a therapist, almost 27 years ago, initially, my professional focus was relational & sex therapy– restoring connection. Organically, this focus began to enlarge to require confronting and understanding the impact of trauma, loss and ruptures in, or blocks to, attachment. Subsequently, I have been learning, teaching in the U.S. & abroad, writing book chapters & journal articles and creating multiple therapeutic programs in the fields of sex & marital therapy, trauma, addiction & eating disorders. Fortunately, every teacher, client, colleague, & audience instructs –every single day. When I met Dr. Marc Gafni and read Soulprints; The Mystery of Love, and then, Your Unique Self, I recognized something in quintessential and elemental alignment. I have since embarked on a project to distill and integrate Marc’s profound and revelatory teaching with my own intersecting thoughts, conceptual frames & modalities. The unfolding creation is called Unique Self Recovery. It’s aim is to synthesize and harness vital transformational elements and present them in a clear, potent & accessible manner that can catalyze and promote growth, healing and authentic embrace of self and other.

Lori Galperin, MSW

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