In this 8-week video course, professionally filmed on location during the First Festival of Love in Holland, you will learn, how to

  • Live an epic life of passion and purpose
  • Play a larger game in your life and your relationships
  • Find healing in the embrace of the Divine Mother
  • Move beyond loneliness
  • See with God’s Eyes in order to Love and keep your heart open under all circumstances
  • Experience deep connection and shared purpose in your relationships
  • Participate in the evolution of love itself and become a force of healing and transformation in the world

Dissolve Fear & Lighten Your Load.

Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up & Participate in the Evolution of Love with Dr. Marc Gafni

Discover the Key to Enlightenment….

  • Explore How to Use True Love Relationships As Crucibles for Accelerated Spiritual Development.
  • Experience More Freedom. Play Harder & Love Bigger in an Evolutionary Context.
  • Loving Your Way to Enlightenment provides you the Power to Live In Love & Evolve beyond current systems of dogma and separation. 

Most assume that Love is simply an emotion we feel for a select few close relationships. It turns out that Love is actually EROS — the intelligence of all reality. It is the power that moves the sun and the stars and gave birth to the cosmos itself. 

Unfortunately, the misunderstanding of Love and Enlightenment costs us our ability to receive and give more Love. It also keeps us from living with bigger aliveness and an electrifying sense of purpose throughout their lives.  

True Love relationships can serve as the “mirror” that shows you where you look good and when you need a makeover.

Yet as rewarding as it can be, True Love can be terrifying. The requirement is that we risk it all. We could be hurt or abandoned and left with a broken heart.

All of our fears, neuroses and shadow issues come up in True Love relationships. No matter how much transformational work you’ve done, True Love is where the deepest darkest stuff comes out. Perhaps this seems familiar?

  • You hold back in fear of making yourself vulnerable to humiliation or possible rejection
  • You sometimes let excuses cost you personal fulfillment because you’re afraid of failing
  • You are stuck in relationships that aren’t fully satisfying and you want to attract relationships that honor, celebrate and cultivate your greatness
  • It feels hard to love the people who disappoint or hurt you but you want to know how to love them under any and all circumstances 
  • Despite being hurt in the past, you want to learn how to build trust and stay open to love in your relationships
  • You feel lost and lonely in finding the right relationship and want to have love easily in every area of your life 
  • You’re someone who wants to love BIG but you just don’t quite know how
  • You are frustrated because you don’t know how to find a relationship that will give you day-to-day access to the experience of love as a way to enlightenment 
  • You feel a sense of disconnect or boredom because you don’t feel like a source of inspiration in your personal and professional relationships, but you’d like to be
  • Your loneliness can sometimes overwhelm you and dampen your desire to be deeply connect to others

Work smarter NOT harder! Evolve the meaning and practice of Love.

Thought leader, social innovator, and wisdom teacher Dr. Marc Gafni, is an initiating visionary, together with Ken Wilber, Integral Philosopher and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, of the Center for Integral Wisdom — an activist think tank dedicated to evolving and articulating a shared global framework of meaning and responsibility.

Known as the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self Enlightenment and Evolutionary Love, Marc created a complete system of the most powerful spiritual tools, practices, teachings and techniques to help you overcome distractions that prevent you from playing bigger and loving more in all areas your life.

7 Amazing Benefits You’ll Enjoy By Participating in Loving Your Way to Enlightenment

1. A profound mind-body connection that empowers you to play bigger in your life.

You actually don’t need to kill your ego to experience Enlightenment. Nor do you need to spend years cultivating a Zen practice.  ‘Enlightenment’ is about aligning with your specialness and holding your focus on a “much larger context” of yourself than merely your small ego self. Enlightenment depends on Love – NOT excluding or condemning your ego. It’s about loving your way to enlightenment, and experiencing Love so directly that the contraction of the small self is released and you can begin to experience yourself as a larger person. 

2. Live passionately and in deeper connection inside of your relationships.

In True Love relationship you do not disappear but rather appear as the most epic version of your Unique Self – an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence and love-beauty, the animating Eros of all of reality that at this very moment lives in you, as you and through you. When you fall in love, your “contracted coiled separate self” dies into an “US” and that alone can be terrifying. Ironically however, once you dive off the cliff, you’re soon handed back a stronger, more profound sense of self than you could ever have created on your own. 

3. Activate the highest potential of your life.

Often we let opportunity pass us by because of doubt or fear of not being ready enough. We let the voices in our heads or the opinions of others keep us from taking the necessary risks to get what we want. True Love provides the necessary gymnasium or dojo for your emotional training and actualization. Until you’ve surrendered fully to your relationship (no quitting, no exits, no threats of leaving; you’re in for life) you cannot get the evolutionary benefits of deep personal and spiritual transformation. 

4. Magnify your strengths and turn your gifts & talents into action taking superpowers.

Enlightenment depends on love – not on excluding or condemning your ego.  It’s about holding your focus on a much larger context of yourself than merely your small ego self. It’s about being in integrity with the actions that align you with your higher self. It’s about loving your way to enlightenment and experiencing love so directly that the contraction of the small self is released and you can begin to experience yourself as a larger person.  

5. Discover what it takes for the inner quality of your daily life to be “lived as love”.

True Love is not ordinary love AND you have to believe in True Love before you can know it in your life. It is the only force strong enough to keep you in the game. It is True Love that calls you to do the work, roll up your sleeves for whatever it takes to transcend your crazies and find your way back to your lover’s heart. You have to be willing to die for it. Yes… die.

6. Experience LOVE on a grand level that heals the parts of you that may feel broken.

Love is not merely an emotion. Love is a perception that births an emotion. Love is a perception of the infinite specialness and radiance that lives in the face of the other. Love is God meeting God. When we fall in love with another person two beloveds appear in full radiance. We don’t only fall in love with the other person. We also fall in love with ourselves. We fall in love with how we’re seen by them and who we get to be in their presence. We fall in love with a possibility—the possibility that inspires us the most. And inspiration is what pulls us into our highest selves.

7. Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that help you solve any challenge and shine in all that you do. 

Through courage and a particular understanding of the relationship between Love and enlightenment we can gain unstoppable capacity and momentum. Without it, you’ll go in circles and drive yourself nuts as you’ll see “the destination” but never make it there. Having a right understanding and experience of LOVE is actually at the core of ALL life. To love your way to enlightenment is not to bypass your wounds in spacious meditation but to enter your hurts and transform them into healing, health and heroism.

What You’ll Get 

Each week you will receive a series of audio lessons, exercises and downloadable handouts, three module-specific quizzes, one final exam, and recordings of a live Q and A and coaching session.

Unlike any other course available today, “Loving Your Way to Enlightenment” is an evolutionary road map designed to give you a simple step-by-step process to awaken the full potential of YOU and align you with your destiny and Love your way to enlightenment.

In just 8-weeks, you’ll tap into a limitless resource of possibility that builds the stamina, courage and creativity to consistently create a ripple effect of profound transformation on all levels of your life. 

What You’ll Learn 

Lesson 1: Are You Ready to Play A Larger Game?

This week introduces you to Playing a Larger Game in every aspect of your life by accessing  your greatness and breaking the boundaries of your fears.  Not by attacking the ego but by ‘Loving Your Way to Enlightenment’. The key is to understand that the ego at its core is a contraction — not a behavior or a person or a thing. It’s a coiling into self. When you are able to un-contract and uncoil, you release the contraction and move into enlightenment. 

In this session you’ll learn: 

  • How to let yourself be seduced into your greatness
  • The difference between the light and shadow qualities of seduction 
  • Why the cure for ego contraction is only LOVE and how to do it
  • How to let go of ego contraction without attacking or belittling that part of yourself
  • Why holy seduction is the key to up-leveling your consciousness
  • How to seduce ourselves past our smallness while seducing others into their greatness
  • How ‘the democratization of enlightenment’ has become a genuine option for every human being 

Lesson 2:  What is Love?

Falling in love actually has nothing to do with a romantic partner. You can do it with anyone. 

To love a person is to see a person with God’s eyes. It’s not about sexuality or marriage. It’s a genuine invitation to let the love impulse move through you and receive another fully. The deepest practice of enlightenment is the ability to fall in love with everyone you meet. 

In this lesson you will:

  • Discover the keys to seeing love as a perception
  • Learn how to love someone you’re emotionally triggered by
  • How to follow through on your relationships no matter what
  • Explore the Three Stations of Love  — Submission, Separation, and Sweetness 

Lesson 3: True Self Loving

The first step to falling in love happens at the level of True Self. This is not to be confused with ordinary self-love, or what we sometimes call narcissism. In True Self Love, you move beyond your separate self and experience being “One” with another. In that sacred moment of realization, you fall in love and your True Self awakens to another’s True Self. You merge with the other and become one.

In this session you will:

  • Discover how to access True Self and Unique Self loving 
  • Learn how Unique Self Love keeps you in the game no matter 
  • Identify the essence of who you are as your unique specialness
  • Learn how to transcend hatred 
  • Learn the distinctions between True Self and Unique Self Love so that you can participate in the evolution of love
  • Experience the Ground of Being and begin to realize that when all your thoughts are gone, when all your emotions are gone and when all of your personality is gone, you are still there. 

Lesson 4:  What is the Purpose of Life? 

Your purpose is to love God by letting God see through your eyes. ‘God’ meaning the Universe  — the Love-Intelligence of the Cosmos, which sees uniquely through you. To love God is to get clear, so that your unique perspective emerges and the divine Love-Intelligence — the Beauty that is Essence — can see uniquely through you and share your gifts. If you are blocked by ego, then God can’t see. 

In this session, you will:

  • Awaken to the direct realization that living your Unique Self is God or Reality having a You Experience
  • Discover why moving beyond your “ego story” or your separate self has nothing to do with moving beyond your irreducible uniqueness
  • Explore how Awakening to Your Unique Self is the ultimate Outrageous Act of Love
  • Learn why Awakening to Your Unique Self is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, the people who love you, and the world
  • Learn how to move beyond loneliness and experience deep connection and purpose in your relationships 

Lesson 5: Fall into the Arms of The Mother 

All the pain that you have known — all the mistakes that may burden you with guilt or shame along with any sadness or regret that you may have — can all be held, loved and forgiven by the Mother.  The impersonal evolutionary process has a personal face, and that personal face is the Mother — The Goddess. She holds us and cares about us. All that she asks in return for our healing, is that we ask for everything. She wants us to ask for what we need.

In this session you will:  

  • Discover why prayer affirms the infinite dignity of your personal need 
  • Learn how to talk to God/Goddess not through dogma, but through a direct, first-person realization and have your prayers received
  • Experience resting in a Divine embrace as you feel the Love-Intelligence and Love-Beauty of the Cosmos move through you

Lesson 6: Feeling and Healing with the Divine Mother

No matter what painful experiences you’ve gone through in your life or how many hurtful things have been done to you or by you, the Mother can hold it all and nurture you back into love.  She receives our brokenness and knows how to hold our pain in a way we never could. When things feel too painful or burdened by too much shame or disappointment and loss, the Mother receives it and holds YOU in her love unconditionally. 

In this session you will:

  • Offer your wounds up to the Mother and be held, received and LOVED in all of your vulnerability
  • Gain the awareness that allows you to play at a larger evolutionary context in all areas of your life
  • Experience the infinite tenderness the Mother has for you despite your emotional baggage
  • Open to the full power of the Divine as you step inside the heart of the Mother
  • Awaken to the personal face of Essence as your Unique Self
  • Learn a practice that overcomes loneliness
  • Transform confessing your sins into confessing your vulnerability to release from the cycles of un-love that keep you in separation 

Lesson 7: The Art of Your Unique Obligation

Your obligation is the expression of the Love-Intelligence and Love-Beauty of the Cosmos that is passionately moving, pulsing through you, seeking to emerge. That means there is an authentic and legitimate need in the world that you can recognize and that you have the capability to meet. As a Unique Self, you are the only person in the entire Cosmos that ever was, is or will be that can meet that need in the way you can.

In this session you will:

  • Discover how to identify your unique passion and unique obligation
  • Explore how Unique Self is the catalyst of evolution
  • Learn how evolution is awakening to itself and Evolutionary Unique Self
  • Learn how to open more to love by holding the paradox of holding your greatness and your brokenness at the same time 
  • Let go of pain by experiencing the ecstatic joy of being fully aligned with the Cosmos
  • Align with the evolutionary impulse to access your unique passion and make your dreams happen
  • Learn the divine art of all of Being and Becoming to evolve your consciousness

Lesson 8: Evolutionary Love and Partnership

You are a unique expression of the Love-Intelligence and Love-Beauty in the Cosmos. Wow! God is having a ‘you’ experience with a unique and gorgeous gift to give, which is infinitely valuable, dignified and stunningly beautiful. Using your unique gifts to address the unique obligation that only you can fulfill, alongside another Unique Self, is what actually enters the source code and changes pain into love.  

In this session you will:

  • Discover what evolutionary partnerships are and how these relationships are the engine driving the evolutionary awakening
  • Learn a practice that aligns you with presence of silence
  • Explore how Evolutionary Intimacy evolves our consciousness and brings more LOVE into the world
  • Learn why keeping your heart open uniquely is the key to giving your gifts to the world
  • Learn how to stand against outrageous pain and respond to it with outrageous love 

Also Get Recognition for The Skills You Learn Anywhere

Step 1: Take the Course

Once you’ve completed the Loving Your Way to Enlightenment Course, you’ll have the opportunity to graduate and receive a certificate/diploma and virtual badge that can be displayed on your websites and social media platforms. (IMAGE of BADGE)

Step 2: Pass the Test

At the end of selected modules you will take a brief quiz. Once you have completed each quiz, you will take a final exam. Our exams aren’t “tricky,” but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass. 

A passing grade is 75, and you can retake the test twice (for a max total of 3 attempts). If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again.

The exams are untimed and consist of multiple-choice and true or false questions. Allow 30 to 45 minutes to complete the exam. Your answers will saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

Step 3: Display Your Badge

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a personalized badge and a full color printable digital certificate suitable for framing and displaying your achievement at your home or office. 

Our badges stand out and reflect excellence. Your accomplishment can be displayed in all the places that matter, including: your website, email signature, job placement sites, community portals, WordPress blogs, Twitter status updates and your LinkedIn profile.


Our Personal “Make You Happy, No Questions Asked, No Hassle, All-the-Risk-Is-On-Us 100% Money Back Guarantee is our personal stamp on how confident we are about the transformative the power this 10-week course has in helping you to evolve your consciousness and participate in the Evolution of Love.

 If for any reason, you aren’t happy with the program within the first 30 days, contact and you will get your money back. ALL of it. Immediately. No questions asked. It’s just that simple. 

Exclusive Loving Your Way to Enlightenment Course Bonuses


Integral Spiritual Experience 2: One Love & The Four Faces of Eros 

To be erotically engaged is to be fully present to what is and to experience the lived truth of the inner connectivity of All-That-Is. It gives us the power to direct our lives with greater purpose and the integrity to fulfill our most important goals. In this stunning keynote delivery, Dr. Gafni reveals the relationship between the sexual and the erotic as a way of entering into new unfolding chapter about Integral evolutionary sexuality, love and Eros. 

 $27 Value


The Path of the Evolutionary Lover 

We live in a world of Outrageous Pain. The ONLY response is Outrageous Love. You’re being called to participate in the most important and valuable project of your life. You’re also eager to evolve beyond current systems of dogma and separation and know that it starts with You and sharing Your Talents and Gifts you were Born To Give. Dr. Marc Gafni offers you powerful teachings, meditations, and exercises for your accelerated spiritual realization to live fully as love in an evolutionary context.

$39 Value


Get your FREE copy of the book Self in Integral Evolutionary Mysticism. Award-winning author Marc Gafni, articulates the two models of Self so you can truly realize your Unique Self and SHINE your power into the lives of the people you care about.

You’ll learn the 26 Distinctions between Ego and Your Unique Self, so that you can tell EXACTLY when your Ego is running the show and taking you out of your TRUE POWER. “Self” is the perfect add on to cultivate higher and higher levels of FREEDOM in your life while giving your unique gifts to the world POWERFULLY.

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If you’re serious about creating relationships that feel easy and fun  — and make the choices that cultivate the best relationships and open doors to new possibilities that result in EPIC experiences….

This is the BEST investment you can make.

Loving Your Way To Enlightenment Course is your opportunity to become a part of a conscious global community of likeminded people who are exploring what it means to co-create a new cultural movement that brings an awakened, heart-centered intelligence to the challenges facing our rapidly evolving world through world-service and lived purpose.

JOIN us and stand at the forefront of Unique beings, at the cutting edge of spiritual evolution, arising at this unique moment in time and space to move humanity upward in its spiral of consciousness.

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John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s teaching on the Unique Self radically evolves the way we understanding and realize enlightenment. He is a great teacher of both heart and mind. His depth, practicality and heartfelt charisma will change your life.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: Marc Gafni is a rising star attracting us toward a future of outrageous love, creativity, wisdom and pleasure as our Unique Selves. He is paving the way for a new psychology and spirituality for evolving humanity to fulfill our enormous potential. He has incorporated the 13.8 billion year Evolutionary Impulse of Creation directly in the heart of humanity as our motivation to love, to grow to become our Unique Selves, the future human. It is a joy to work with Marc. He combines kindness, humor, great erudition and a passionate desire to draw us together in a movement for positive self and social actualization. He is inspiring us to change the “source code of success” as winning over one another, to the new source code of co-creating and co-evolving with one another for the good, the true and the beautiful. He radiates the joy of “joining genius to co-create.”


Kristen Ulmer, World-renowned Top Ranked Professional Extreme Skier and Sports Coach: “I’ve never met anyone so talented at what he does and passionate for his work as Marc Gafni. He is simply spellbinding. He awakens people’s grasp the ungraspable better than any spiritual teacher I’ve ever known. He is a true artist. A creative genius. To not experience his transmission as a teacher in this lifetime, whether in person or through his writings, would be a tragedy.”


Ken Wilber, Author of A Brief History of Everything: “Dr. Marc Gafni’s integral unique self teaching is seminal. The Unique Self work is magnificent, and it belongs among the ‘great books.’ It offers what may arguably be one of the most significant contemporary evolutions of enlightenment teaching. Unique Self brings together East and West in a higher integral embrace of stunning implications. Unique Self is a pivotal step toward an authentic Enlightenment.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential: “With exceptional brilliance and an awakened heart, Dr. Marc Gafni speaks to all of us who are interested in the evolution of consciousness. His teachings on the Unique Self enlightenment are essential for the next stage in our evolution. They have emerged from his direct experience, and I highly recommend them.” (Blurb for Dr. Marc Gafni’s book Your Unique Self)


“Medicine is suffering a broken heart. To make it whole, we need to co-create and implement leveraged actions on the front lines of community practice that entail win-win, conscious solutions for all — our community, employers, physicians, and other healthcare providers. The result will be no less than the grand unfolding of a new, integrated future of health and well-being. In solidarity with my brother Venu, Unique Self has called us to help enact this mission.”


Retrospectively, I realize I have been thinking about “Unique Self” for a lifetime. Early on, I began to consider connection & estrangement, and, as subcategories: identity, interiority and both the inevitability & elusiveness of intimacy. Subsequently, these areas coalesced into the psychological, the spiritual and the systemic. When I became a therapist, almost 27 years ago, initially, my professional focus was relational & sex therapy– restoring connection. Organically, this focus began to enlarge to require confronting and understanding the impact of trauma, loss and ruptures in, or blocks to, attachment. Subsequently, I have been learning, teaching in the U.S. & abroad, writing book chapters & journal articles and creating multiple therapeutic programs in the fields of sex & marital therapy, trauma, addiction & eating disorders. Fortunately, every teacher, client, colleague, & audience instructs –every single day. When I met Dr. Marc Gafni and read Soulprints; The Mystery of Love, and then, Your Unique Self, I recognized something in quintessential and elemental alignment. I have since embarked on a project to distill and integrate Marc’s profound and revelatory teaching with my own intersecting thoughts, conceptual frames & modalities. The unfolding creation is called Unique Self Recovery. It’s aim is to synthesize and harness vital transformational elements and present them in a clear, potent & accessible manner that can catalyze and promote growth, healing and authentic embrace of self and other.

Lori Galperin, MSW

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