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Spoken Word by Marc Gafni Music by Shefa Gold 1 Music CD – 18 Tracks (Digital Download)

Written by the great lover Solomon, builder of the temple in ancient Jerusalem, builder of the temple in our souls, in the Jerusalem that resides so deeply in each one of us.

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The songs of songs – has always been Marc’s favorite biblical book. In his book Mystery of Love he unpacks what might be called the Commandments of Love. There is an old Hebrew mystical teaching which that if the Torah of Law had not been revealed then the Torah of the Song of songs with it’s commandments would be enough to guide us. Shefa Gold, a song writer, chantress and teacher affiliated with the Jewish Renewal movement wrote a number of beautiful chants to the words of the song of songs. Shefa came to Israel at Marc’s invitation and spent a week with Marc’s Israeli students teaching the Art of Chant.

Marc fell in love with the chants and decided {contractually bought the rights} to use the Chants in a CD of his Mystery of Love teachings on the Songs of Songs.

For clarity’s sake it is worth noting that this CD is however not a joint initiative; It is Marc’s CD owned exclusively by him using Shefa’s songs which he formally acquired in a limited fashion. Limited because the songs are fully Shefa’s creation and owned by her. Marc bought only the right to use them freely as he saw fit on these two CDs, which would be owned by him.

Marc recorded an English and Hebrew CD of these teachings in the summer of 2005.

1. First Invitation

2. Sham Eten – “there I will give my passion to you”

3. Second Invitation

4. Hinach Yafa – “behold, you are beautiful my beloved”

5. Third Invitation

6. Heviani – “he brought me to the tavern and his banner over me is love”

7. Fourth Invitation

8. Mi Zot Olah – “who is this who comes up from the desert”

9. Fifth Invitation

10. Uri Tzafon – “awaken O north wind, come O south wind, blow upon my garden that its perfume may spread”

11. Sixth Invitation

12. Zeh Dodi – “this is my lover, this is my friend”

13. Seventh Invitation

14. Who Is That Rising Like the Morning Star?

15. Eighth Invitation

16. L’cha Dodi Netzey Hasadeh – “come my beloved, let’s go out to the field”

17. Ninth Invitation

18. S’molo – “his left hand is under my head, his right hand embraces me”