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Integral Biblical Mysticism: Three Integral Biblical Principles to Transform Your Life

A raw, unedited recording of a 3-week telecourse with Dr. Marc Gafni from 2009

For twenty-five years, spiritual teacher Marc Gafni has captivated audiences with his unique, defining voice in the fields of hebrew dharma, kabbalah, spirituality and evolutionary wisdom. In this course from 2009 he brought his unique contribution of spiritual experience and theoretical wisdom, to an exclusive, first-of-its-kind, event: a three-week virtual seminar to learn the three most important Integral Biblical principles to transform you life.

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Engage this dynamic teaching on the source code of Biblical Wisdom and discover a profound level of.realization, enlightenment and liberation that defies description. The space of.spiritual and psychological insight opened by the profound spiritual practice.of entering the inside of the Biblical text, is so stunning, so gorgeous, is literally ‘beyond’.

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The Bible, some would say, might well be the single most influential book of Spirit ever produced in the history of humankind. In this course we will unfold, from the inner source code of the Biblical text and vision, profound guidance and wisdom, which can transform your life.

In this recording of a three-week telecourse you will:

  • Learn the three most important Integral Biblical principles to transform your life
  • Reclaim the source code of Western civilization as a powerful guiding force in your personal fulfillment, spiritual liberation and life path.
  • Deploy the stunning spiritual technology of biblical wisdom to Reclaim the Unique gorgeousness and meaning of your life